Crimson Editor::Help Topics::Command Line Parameters

Crimson Editor supports command line parameters specifying files to be opened.

Crimson Editor allows multiple files to be specified in the command line. Each of the files specified will be opened when Crimson Editor starts up. The filenames on the command line should be separated with a space.
i.e. cedt.exe test.c test.h will open two files ("test.c", "test.h").

For long filenames, they should be enclosed in quotes "".
i.e. cedt.exe "long file name.txt" will open the file named "long file name.txt".

Crimson Editor supports wildcard characters to open files on the command line. Crimson Editor will accept any normal wildcard specification for files to be opened.
i.e. cedt.exe *.c will open all files with the ".c" extension.

To specify the line number at which to position the cursor when the file is opened, the line number should be specified with '/L' switch.
i.e. cedt.exe /L:5 test.c will open the file with the cursor positioned at line 5.

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